Friday, February 17, 2017

The Practice

The Doc was just practicing on the innocent child
his professors had said the side effects were mild
he had years of training when he realy needed decades
before boldly engaging in the for profit medical trades
his white coat and stethoscope gave him false pride
that his guesses (prognostications) would turn the tide
of complicated diseases he did not fully or even elemental understand
and he would bring health to those who came with cash in hand
in his heart he knew that studies show that those not medicated
survive  with oft times better results than those who pay his rate
but with usurious college loans to pay and joys of prosperity
he plies his trade and never lets thought invade about his morality
then one day he faces fellow practitioners golden knife
and his wealth flees with his last gasped breath of life
so what is moral of my story you ask...what are you getting at?
God in heaven numbers the days of a man
and your days are His to number and in His hand
jdm 02/17/2017 
Dedicated to Susan Holmes and nulti millions who have been harmed by 'Practice' and untested drugs and inoculations from Big Pharma and Big Med