Sunday, November 30, 2014


Christians sin and repent and are forgiven
Sinners sin and never repent to oblivion.
The choice is yours to make forever is a long time
Humans can last two weeks without having to dine
But living for eternity takes a Creator Divine
Repentance brings joy and salvation intertwined.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I wrote this poem just for you

I wrote this poem just for you
and when you read it you’ll know that’s true
when first we met our hearts entwined
I knew for sure that you were mine
I loved your hair, your eyes your smile
your walk your talk your humor your style
and when you looked into my eyes
those around us would surely realize
that we were soul mates of the first order
for each of us then thare was no other
so now you know the secret not hidden
of just how permanent is my smitten
you are my prime tomater
We will write more verses later
probably created in the early fifties or sixties with some verses added now that I am wise and old and free of fear of literary rejection.