Saturday, February 25, 2017

Old goat

Old goat
the youngster contemplating the women in his life
and said there must be one perfect to be my wife
in higher ed he looked around for years and never found
one who met his yearning to make his love abound
traveling the world to ports far and some very near
he searched for the perfect match to be his dear
and out of desperation he married one with talents good
who shared his bed and bore his children did what she should
then as his eighth decade came creeping down life.s road
He looked up from his hospital bed and there she stood
the one straight out of his life fantasies in all her glory
so you probably think this is the happy ending of his story
but nay...she was half his age, married to her life dreamboat
sometimes life is strange and your last breath gets your goat

A dead man walks with me

The Body of this Death
“O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?
I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.”
(Romans 7:24-25)
A dead man walks with me;
He makes my footsteps slow;
He looks with lust upon the world,
And shames me as I go!
He’s shackled to my cross.
My very life ensnares;
For what I would, he will not do,
And what I won’t, he dares.
A dead man walks with me;
His presence, though I try,
I cannot hide; his carnal form
It’s plain to every eye.
He is a sinful man,
And thus he will remain;
And, till the grave shall be his bed,
He even shares my name.
A dead man walks with me.
He does not know the way
To heaven’s bliss, where someday I
Must go, and he must stay!
For soon my Lord will come
To break the ties that bind.
And when the sting of death is gone,
The dead I’ll leave behind.
Thank God, we are no longer under the law of Moses, but the law of grace in Christ Jesus. And though the flesh now serves the law of sin and death, some day it will forever be conquered in death, and we will forever be free with Christ!
author unknown...posted courtesy of Northside Bible Chruch in the Village, Oklahoma Right Division

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bitterness the unwelcome companion

Bitterness the unwelcome companion

Bitterness my nightly companion as joy flees
no matter how much time on my knees
 faith grows day by day even as prayer does naught
to free the helpless feelings hiding in my heart
drink nor baudy party would  never sooth my trevail
so now as daylight shrinks my night prayer wells up in my mind
the Lords own prayer that holds all wisdom human and divine
this time I add 'may bitterness flee if it be Thy will'
and not be residing hiding in my simple  being still
but if my plea goes unansered undisturbed  come the day
His grace suffiect for Paul for me to in this body of clay
and some day when I see His face divine
the purpose of it all will be revealed and mine
and remembered forever no more in that new day
bitterness stays in the grave with joy the new way

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Practice

The Doc was just practicing on the innocent child
his professors had said the side effects were mild
he had years of training when he realy needed decades
before boldly engaging in the for profit medical trades
his white coat and stethoscope gave him false pride
that his guesses (prognostications) would turn the tide
of complicated diseases he did not fully or even elemental understand
and he would bring health to those who came with cash in hand
in his heart he knew that studies show that those not medicated
survive  with oft times better results than those who pay his rate
but with usurious college loans to pay and joys of prosperity
he plies his trade and never lets thought invade about his morality
then one day he faces fellow practitioners golden knife
and his wealth flees with his last gasped breath of life
so what is moral of my story you ask...what are you getting at?
God in heaven numbers the days of a man
and your days are His to number and in His hand
jdm 02/17/2017 
Dedicated to Susan Holmes and nulti millions who have been harmed by 'Practice' and untested drugs and inoculations from Big Pharma and Big Med
Submarine races guide

when I was young and in my fine times
the girls all stood in long lines
but now that I am older than sand
thier granddaughters all say he.s not the man
he once was handsome and smooth of persuasion
but now he is over the hill with no more conversation
that can make a ladies romantic heart  swoon
he is an old lone wolf howling baefully at the moon
once an accomplished  guide for Submarine races
on Lake Texoma shores his talent now in other places
Octogenarians must do their part in life with endless tales
of how they made the country safe for your generation
fighting the worlds bad guys and protecting freedom for all
bringing democracy to people who cannot understand a.tall

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Package deal

Life and pain are a package deal
tears are a gift from God that heal
smiles are a prayer to one in need
a hug is a confort indeed but joy is liberaly applied
to all who cry by the Master who sees our pain with a sigh

the kiss

take time to share my eager bliss
with just one tiny 35 minute kiss

a never ending celebration

Love is the very essence of life
that takes the bitter our of strife
Love is the tie that binds us one and all
that makes huge mountains seem so small
Love is the springs of tears of joy
the sun light that dispels a dark ploy
Love is unquenchable with the patience to pause
and wait at heaven's opening door just because
Love is where God has visited, where He hangs His hat
the first step, the final embrace, joy's natural habitat.
Love of you, Love of Him, Love of His creation
makes life and eternity a never ending celebration.

Eternity's slowly opening door

White hair God's crown upon my years

decades do not mute my silent tears

loves desire yearns for soul mates embrace

as life's paths treasured memories retrace.

the beauty of her passionate love, gentle and quite

makes the way clearer with each passing night

while hope grows brighter at each new days start

that He will grant me the desire of my heart

and we will sit side by side on for just awhile

as once more I shall feel the warmth of her smile

and tho my wait be past eternity's opening door

age after age I will have but to love her more.

"Most of the lines in this poem were written at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland in January of 1959, I found it in my mom's estate and added some verses and rewrote others including references to gray hair which was not in existence in 1959 making what was originally a hope for renewed love into an old man's lament. . It is better to have loved and lost than never at all is so true. I have loved and lost a  few times but All are dear to me. I wish them well

Muddy water

Jimmie Martin Oneway love is like unto a hand made mud boat
shooting the rapids of the Colorado.
Someone is gonna take a swim
in muddy water.
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when patience fails

so you turn and look back on life with dispair
and hate has wiped the tracks of love bare
all the things done with love in mind
have been renamed as the other kind