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People of the dirt

OKLAHOMA The Oklahoma Centennial Heritage Collection

The Oklahoma Centennial Heritage Collection

Published by the Poetry Society of Oklahoma 'Since 1934'
This collection of over 100 poems was edited by poet Mary M. Chase of the Society. Interest in the collection or the Society can be addressed by email to ...
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Following is the Blogmaster's contribution to the collection from Page 79:
People of the dirt
by Jimmie Dale Martin ...republish rights to People of the Dirt granted with credit to The Oklahoma Centennial Heritage Collection 2007

When the Christians came to Oklahoma Jesus was already here

He was with all Adams race everywhere whether far or near

The Amerindians universally called Him the "Great Spirit"

His words of truth are found in all our tribes and very explicit

Love and truth and honor and family are woven thruout the land

faith and hope and charity, respect for the creator's firm hand

Adam means red man and Oklahoma means land of the red man

In Oklahoma we are blessed with direct word links to His plan

We are people of the dirt...tried by storm's wind and dust's sting

We endure the good and the bad and always know who is King

From the Arbuckles hilly ranges to the Panhandles desolation

We are red and white and black patriots...first to defend the nation

The proud Thunderbird our fighting symbol... the red bird, the Phoenix

We rise from our ashes and build anew after bombs blast

When F5 comes our way we dig in and battle it to the last

We are Okies whose grandparents waited out the wrath of dust

and fermented our grapes into fine wine of our common trust

Hospitality is our middle name and love is our girt

We are common folk ...people of the dirt

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I srote this poem just for you

I wrote this poem just for you
and when you read it you’ll know that’s true
when first we met our hearts entwined
I knew for sure that you were mine
I loved your hair, your eyes your smile
your walk your talk your humor your style
and when you looked into my eyes
those around us would surely realize
that we were soul mates of the first order
for each of us then thare was no other
so now you know the secret not hidden
of just how permanent is my smitten
you are my prime tomater
We will write more verses later
probably created in the early sixties with some verses added now that I am wise and old and free of fear of literary rejection.


When it rains I think of you
when it does not I do to
I see a beautiful sunset and think of you
and a glorious sunrise..yep that to
day after day I think of you
night after night I do to
my friends say I dwell on you
but other than the above I rarely do


Dream streams

In the poetry closet of my heart

reside precious unwritten prose

all my creations from my very start

memories no one else knows

shadows that inhabit my deep dreams

joys that make sleep a welcome repast

fantasy where I am poetmaster of life's streams

beloved secret creations that will always last

a perfect dreamscape with perfect love

where the good and honorable always wins

where blessings and grace fall from above

where life is pure and there are no sins

oh happy am I to wake and bring

the delight, the memories of those dreams

my body, my soul, my heart together sing

my sleep, my wake templates of God's same streams



I doubt that I shall ever write

a poem that shows the full delight

of ones so fair and so very full of life

but try I must the humble muse in me

put in words what is near heavenly

for only in my dreams and welcome fantasy

am I permitted to barely grasp the hidden reality

of the Creator’s delight with awesome She

made by He for unworthy fools like me

some may win love and some may lose

some men seem to have whom they choose

but all men who feel her touch are winners

able to share a measure of life’s ongoing adventure

with the Creator’s most perfect and joyful creature



searing soul burning pain
panic, no where to turn
shadows, no place to run
weep but weeping alone and in vain
time creeps with only time to burn
the truth now sure all hope is done
with nothing but infinite sorrow to gain
there is no lesson to learn
no life to live for joy is gone, done
again and again come the floodgates of pain
but then one loving act chases the pain
now someplace to joyfully turn
and somewhere gladly to run
someone who cares brings reality again
a willing hand soothed the burn
understanding eyes gently signal the pain is done
the butterfly can fly again
and ride the wind and swoop and glide and tack and turn
mended by loving care of an earth angel the hurt undone

Pain's song of songs

Some in past lyrics claimed that pain
makes poets great climb their tears to fame
if that be so oh muse then now I realize
my destiny to claim the highest prize
tho medicals say the heart is extra strong
they cannot hear its sad unrelenting song
that will not be muted in the soul until
her presence brings back the thrill
as with our other loves we stroll thru heaven’s door
slowly opening to eternal bliss for us all ever more
copyright Jimmie D. Martin
if please the reader I have done
my pain is lessened some but not quite undone
til in the pine box with fixed waxy unreal smile
I go to waiting plot in finery of costly style
my widow crying for me and the small fortune used
planting for the resurrection a man a humble muse