Thursday, September 16, 2010

Swamp of discarded vows

When stealth lovers smile the smile of secrets displayed

the whole worlds knows the transgression prorated

and the hurt dwells in the soul of pain racked nows

of those thrown in the swamp of discarded vows

and lies setting the firry spark of rejection

making a farce of promises bringing dejection

the suffering soul grabs hold of God and cries

and He takes them in His understanding arms and sighs


I wrote this a couple years ago about a dear (who must remain anonymous)friend's emasculating rejection as a lover , husband and partner. I went thru this time period with him as his family was torn apart...they bear only the scars now and lead happy lives... I am sure it was obvious to him that his fomer wife had a cold uncaring heart towared him...but he kept hoping. Hurtful truth does rescue folks from the Evil one's lust clutch on their life. He is happily remarried now and his kids are in touch every day or two.